The UCTP and the Native Nations Procession

Ta'kahi Guaitiao (Greetings Relatives):

On behalf of the UCTP, it is my hope that at the time you receive this message, you are all in good health and spirit. Below you will find a weblink to sign up for the Indigenous Peoples Procession at the opening of the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI) on Tuesday, September 21st, 2004. As per the request of our elders, I have been asked to appeal to all Taino, Carib and Arawak Tribes, groups, organizations etc. to march together in this historic procession as unified Indigenous Caribbean Peoples and Nations. This
is an excellent opportunity to present our community to other Indigenous Peoples from throughout the hemishere in a good way.

Please sign up via the internet link below and consider marching with the United Confederation of Taino People's contingent. You are more than welcome to bring your own group's banners, flags etc. We can coordinate a meeting place before the procession via email as we already have contacts in the Washington D.C. area.

The link to sign up can be found at:

This is the URL to the NMAI Website:


Below this message, you will find more information on the procession itself. Please let us know by email at uctp_ny@yahoo.com once you have registered so we know how many persons will be participating with us at this historic event.

In closing my relatives, let us use this opportunity to "break Casabi bread" together in the spirit of our ancestors.

Oma'bahari (With Respect),
Roberto Mukaro Borrero,
President, UCTP
UCTP Office of International Relations
and Regional Coordination


Native Nations Procession FAQs


What is the Native Nations Procession?
The Native Nations Procession is a highly symbolic walk of indigenous cultural expression that will celebrate the grand opening of the National Museum of the American Indian. The Procession will formally kick-off the six-day festival on the National Mall in Washington D.C.

Where and when is the Procession scheduled?
The Procession "staging area" will be located on the National Mall (grassy area) at 14th Street, between Madison and Jefferson Drives. The Procession begins at approximately 8 a.m. on Tuesday, September 21, 2004. The event will take place rain or shine, so please plan accordingly.

What is the Procession route?
The Procession will follow a route along the National Mall between the Washington Monument and the United States Capitol. Approximately one mile in length, the route will conclude at the site of the NMAI Opening Ceremony.


How do I register?
You may register online at www.AmericanIndian.si.edu/procession. All participants must register by May 31, 2004. Due to heightened security in the nation's capital and the large number of guests anticipated for the NMAI Opening Ceremony, only registered participants will be allowed in the Procession.

Who can register for the Procession?
All participants must register in one of the following three categories: Native Nation, Organization, or Independent. Native Nations will lead the procession in alphabetical order, followed by Tribal Organizations in alphabetical order, concluding with Independent participants. Independents are non-Native individuals and organizations who would like to show their support for the museum during the grand opening celebration.

Can I register my family or organization together on one form?
No. A separate registration form is required for each participant. Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Is there a fee to register?
No. Registration is free and may be completed online, using the online Registration Form, by mail, or by fax.

Will I receive a confirmation of my registration?
Yes. The NMAI will provide a written confirmation to each participant by mail within 2-4 weeks of receiving the registration form. In August 2004, registrants will receive more detailed information confirming the schedule of events, public transportation options, and maps of the
PASS, PLEASE VISIT www.AmericanIndian.si.edu/tickets.cfm, or CALL 866-400-6624.

Where do I send completed registration forms?
You may mail registration forms to: National Museum of the American Indian, Attn: Procession, P.O. Box 23473, Washington, DC 20026-3473. You may also submit or download forms online at: www.AmericanIndian.si.edu/procession. Faxed forms may be sent to: 301-238-3200, Attention: Procession.


Is traditional dress required?
While we encourage you to wear your traditional clothing, you are welcome to participate in the manner you are most comfortable.

How will each Native Nation be assembled for the Procession?
We are encouraging each Nation to determine for itself how it would like to be represented during the Procession. We understand that some tribal communities will be bringing their honor guards, tribal dignitaries, as well as tribal members. This might also include their tribal banners and/or flags. Please note that the museum is unable to provide flag stands or storage areas, so please plan accordingly.

Are animals permitted in the Procession?
Due to the large crowds expected for the Opening Ceremony, no animals of any kind will be permitted in the Procession. This precaution is for your safety as well as the safety of others participating in this historic event.

Are there other restrictions?
Firearms, glass containers, and alcoholic beverages are not allowed. These restrictions will be strictly enforced by Smithsonian Security, Metro Transit Police, U.S. Park Police, and the District of Columbia Metropolitan Police Department..


Where can I park my car, R.V., or chartered bus?
Street parking during the opening week is very limited and presents many challenges. Road closures and barricades will limit public access to the National Mall, especially on September 21st. As a convenient alternative we are encouraging those who are staying in close proximity to the Mall to consider public transportation, such as taxi or the Metro rail and bus systems. In addition, we will offer off-site satellite parking and shuttle service from RFK Stadium to the National Mall to accommodate our Procession participants on September 21st only. More detailed information will be added as it becomes available.

What is the closest Metro station?
The "Smithsonian" station is the closest Metro stop to the National Mall and the staging area for the Procession. Materials mailed to each registrant in August 2004 will provide additional information to assist you in navigating the mass transit system and the Washington, D.C.,

How do I get to the Procession staging area?
A shuttle service will be provided to and from RFK Stadium and the National Mall on September 21st only for those who wish to park off-sight. For those arriving by public transportation we recommend that you arrive nearest our staging area, which is located on the 14th Street end of the National Mall (the area closest to the Washington Monument).

Because of the weekday rush-hour traffic, we recommend that you reserve enough time to arrive and geographically orient yourself at the staging area.


Where can I stay and what else can I do during my visit to Washington,

September is a peak convention and tourism month; therefore we are encouraging out-of-town guests to secure accommodations as soon as possible. For local travel, tourism, and accommodations, we recommend that you contact the Washington D.C. Convention and Tourism Corporation at 800-422-8644 x2004 or 202-789-7000 or visit www.Washington.org.

Will I be able to view the museum's collection during my visit?
Yes, NMAI will host an Open House at the Cultural Resources Center (CRC), located in Suitland, Maryland. The CRC is a state-of-the art conservation and research facility housing the museum's collection. There will be a shuttle service provided from the museum to the CRC
during the grand opening week, with the exception of September 21st. For more information, please contact Geoffrey Cavanagh at 301-238-6624 x6215.

Which airport should I fly into?
There are three airports that serve the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area:

* Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA); www.mwaa.com
Closest airport to the District of Columbia
Travelers Aid: 703-417-3974
* Dulles International Airport (IAD); www.mwaa.com
Located in Northern Virginia, approx. 35-45 min. from D.C.
Travelers Aid: 703-572-8296
* Baltimore/Washington International Airport (BWI); www.bwiairport.com
Located approx. 40-50 min. from D.C. via shuttle/cab or rail
Airport Information: 800-435-9294

What about travel by rail?
Amtrak is a convenient form of travel to the Washington, D.C., area, including southern Maryland and Northern Virginia. You may contact them directly at www.amtrak.com or 800-USA-RAIL.


What can you tell me about getting around in D.C. for those with limited mobility? Washington, D.C., is one of the most accessible cities in the nation for persons with disabilities. When booking your hotel, local travel arrangements, and other tourism needs please be sure to communicate any special needs that you may have. For more detailed information or to order a copy of The Washington, D.C. Access Guide, please contact DisabilityGuide.org at 301-528-8664 or visit
www.disabilityguide.org. By mail they can be reached at Access Information, Inc., dba DisabilityGuide.org, 21618 Slidell Rd, Boyds, MD 20841.

Will there be wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, or other medical devices
available on-sight?

Due to the large numbers of people with limited mobility, we cannot guarantee any specific provisions for the Procession. As an alternative, we will have tour mobiles on-sight and available to escort Procession participants before and during the Procession route to the Opening Ceremony site as the need arises. If you would like to rent any medical equipment during your stay, please contact Disability Guide.org at 301-528-8664 or visit www.disabilityguide.org. By mail they can be reached at Access Information, Inc., dba DisabilityGuide.org, 21618
Slidell Rd, Boyds, MD 20841.


Does the museum provide any grants or scholarship funds to help off-set
my travel costs?

No, unfortunately, NMAI does not have the financial resources to provide funding to cover or off-set travel costs.

Will there be a powwow?
No, however, the National Congress of the American Indian (NCAI), in collaboration with the American Indian Society of Washington, D.C, will host a Social Dance at 1 p.m. on the National Mall as part of the First Americans Festival. For more detailed information, please visit the
NCAI website at http://www.ncai.org/.


Who may I contact if I have further questions regarding the Native
Nations Procession?

You may contact NMAI toll-free at 877-830-3224 or 301-238-3023. You may also inquire via email at: Procession@nmai.si.edu. You may also contact the Smithsonian's Visitor Information Associate Reception's Center (VIARC) at 202-633-1000 (TTY: 202-357-1729).


Appropriate Use of Sacred Tobacco

Taino'ti Guaitiao (Greetings Relatives):

Check out the downloadable posters for Appropriate Use of Sacred Tobacco at http://www.ncidc.org/tupe/downloads.htm.

Oma'bahari (With respect),
Roberto Mucaro Borrero,
President, UCTP-U.S. Regional Coordinating Office
PO Box 4515, NY, NY 10163