‘Barbadiana Jones’ First Outsider to See Hidden Water Falls in Guyana Interior

BARBADOS - Some people call Damon Corrie a real life ‘Barbadiana Jones‘, a reference to the adventurous ‘Indiana Jones‘ a fictitious explorer of Hollywood fame. Corrie is of Barbadian birth and Guyanese Amerindian descent. He is well-known in local, regional & international circles for two things primarily – his promotion of Indigenous Rights and his promotion of Guyana as the 'premier Eco-Adventure Paradise' destination in the Americas.

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Census Data Continues to Shed Light on Boricua Identity

Borikén/Puerto Rico (UCTP Taino News) - Puerto Rico's Institute of Culture, a governmental agency, has historically promoted the island's demographic heritage as a blending of three cultures – American Indian, Spanish, and African – forming one a national identity. Many Puerto Rican scholars continue to highlight 'cultural' blending as officially they have erroneously claimed the local indigenous population was exterminated in the first 50 years of colonization. Data released from the 2010 U.S. Census documents a different perspective as more “Puerto Ricans” are defining themselves as American Indians.

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Editorial: What’s in a name - Arawak or Taíno?

There is widespread confusion concerning the application of the term Arawak on Caribbean Indigenous Peoples. This is not surprising given our disparate state across the islands and into the Diaspora. As descendants of the first Indigenous Peoples in the Western hemisphere to be labeled Indians, our communities are dealing with over 500 years of colonization and misinformation via educational institutions promoting ideologies that were established by the colonizers.

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Roberto Múkaro Borrero is a Borikén Taíno historian, artist, and activist who currently serves as President of the United Confederation of Taíno People. He can be contacted at mukaro@uctp.org or at www.uctp.org.