CARICOM member states show contempt for Indigenous Peoples AGAIN

Washington, D.C. (UCTP Taino News) - For the 14th consecutive time CARICOM member States of the OAS refused to participate in the meeting of negotiations on the points of consensus on the historic Draft Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples of the Americas. This meeting was held at OAS headquarters in Washington DC from April 18-20 2012. This noble effort could become even stronger than the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and would be a beacon of hope for the entire world - if only certain OAS member states would stop trying to sabotage it at every opportunity they get.

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Scientists unearth thousand-year old taino agricultural field

KISKEIA (Dominican Republic) - Taino artefacts that according to experts are over one thousand years old, including an agricultural field that was found intact and dating back to the pre-Columbian period, have been found in an archaeological site project in Rio San Juan, on the country’s north coast.

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