Brook Park Volunteer Day February 9

South Bronx, NY (UCTP Taino News) - Since 2010, community organization Friends of Brook Park (FoBP) planted over 40 trees in the South Bronx area. Using volunteers, the plantings have taken place around Brook Park in an effort to create green corridors in the local community and leading to the Bronx waterfront. FoBP has called a Volunteer Day on Saturday, February 9th to plant more trees in the South Bronx area near the park.

“This is a wonderful and necessary initiative” stated R. Mukaro Borrero, President of the United Confederation of Taino People. “We need more trees in our urban areas and the experience of planting and seeing the trees grow in the neighborhood is something positive for young people. It introduces them to the concept of stewardship – taking care of the land.”

Borrero notes that many Taino community members use the park regularly and he is calling on community members to consider assisting. Along with the tree-planting other park maintenance will taken place. No experience is necessary, but it is “welcome” as are tools and equipment. All ages are welcome and the start time is 10am till about 2pm at Brook Park at East 141st Street and Brook Avenue in the Bronx. Interested persons can contact FoBP’s Tree Planting Coordinator, Carol Zakaluk at carol@friendsofbrookpark.org.