Puerto Rican Citizenship Applications Now Online

Boriken (UCTP Taino News) - Puerto Rico’s Secretary of State Office has recently begun offering "Puerto Rican citizenship" certificates to all interested individuals considered eligible. Certificates of Puerto Rican citizenship are issued to any persons born on the island as well as to those born outside of the island but who have at least one parent who was born on the island. Any U.S. citizen with at least one year of residence on the island is also eligible for the official citizenship certificate.

Registrants will now be among the Puerto Ricans in history to have been issued an "official" certificate of Puerto Rican citizenship.

While some Puerto Ricans who have obtained their Puerto Rican citizenship certificates have also renounced their U.S. citizenship, this action is not requirement nor is the certificate a valid travel document such as a passport.

As a result of the island's "commonwealth" status, the certificate and the concept of "Puerto Rican Citizenship" have already sparked criticism with regard to their value and symbolism. The Puerto Rican Secretary of State, Fernando J. Bonilla, affirms however that the certificate guarantees "countless fundamental rights" and can be used to apply for or request services from different government agencies. Bonilla has also expressed that the certificates "effectively displays the Puerto Rican citizenship, which is separate and distinct to U.S. citizenship".

Information and applications forms which can be mailed in or completed online can be found at the Puerto Rican State Department's website at http://www.estado.gobierno.pr/Ciudadania_PR.htm


Anonymous said...

The citizenship is not a genuine one, because of our status quo,it is only for local use,is not like the american one I'm afraid.

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Anonymous said...

I want my Puerto-Rican Citizenship to be recognized internationally. I dont want to carry a U.S. Passport!

Unknown said...

How does one get a citizenship form? I clicked on the link in this article but it didn't work.