Guyana's Amerindian Affairs Ministry to launch website

Guyana, South America - The Ministry of Amerindian Affairs will later this month launch a website to ensure that information on issues pertaining to Amerindians and their rights are more readily accessible, the Government Information Agency (GINA) reported.

Minister Carolyn Rodrigues said this development follows government's recognition of the growing need for information on existing services, entitlements and opportunities available to Amerindians.

According to GINA, the minister said that persons utilising the site will have access to information pertaining to land rights, the Amerindian Act, the hinterland scholarship programme and a variety of other social services provided by the ministry.

She explained that candidates for the scholarship programme would have access to features such as online application forms, entry requirements and the list of academic and technical-vocational programmes facilitated through the ministry.

Extended infrastructural facilities such as electricity in some hinterland areas have facilitated previously inaccessible services such as internet access.

This has opened up avenues for information sharing, educational research and existing opportunities on the coastland.

It is hoped also that the new initiative would encourage increased use of the internet for data retrieval by Amerindians, GINA concluded.

Source: Stabroek News

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