Suriname to Celebrate National Indigenous Day

Suriname, South America (UCTP Taíno News) - The Organization of Indigenous People in Suriname (OIS) will commemorate and celebrate “National Indigenous Day” on August 9, 2007.

This commemoration in Suriname is organized in cooperation with local authorities, the Indigenous communities of Grankreek, Columbia and Maho and the OIS.

Leon Wijngaarde, the President of the OIS states “The activities will take place at monuments square in Groningen, district of Saramacca and will culminate in unveiling of a new Indigenous Monument there, by Indigenous artist Leo Toenaé.”

The day will also include the performances of several Cultural Groups, a crafts-fair and family activities.

Photo: Karina Participant of the 2006 Commemoration, OIS Photo

UCTP Taíno News Editor's Note: Suriname is home to several Indigenous and Maroon Nations. Among them are the Arawak and Carib Nations both of whom are part of the ancestral and cultural heritage of the Taíno Peoples of the Caribbean Islands.

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