Columbus the Exploiter...

UCTP Taino News - In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue, in search of new lands, gold and the wealth that these "discoveries" would bring him. He 'discovered' and 'claimed' many islands throughout the Caribbean. But, what kind of 'discovery' is it if there are already people there? And, what right did he have to 'claim' these lands, when the Taino people had been living there for thousands of years?

As if that weren't enough, what he did next was truly despicable. Columbus wrote in his journal that the Taino were strong, well-built people and that with his weapons and 50 men he could enslave the entire population. He forced the Taino to mine for gold for him. Those who refused were killed, those who did not meet their quotas had their hands cut off and were left to bleed to death. Women and children were raped. The people were tortured, starved and worked to death.

Others were killed in even more horrific ways... they were cut in half with swords, hung in groups of 13 representing the Savior and the Apostles, roasted alive, while others were chased down by starving attack dogs and torn apart. Shiploads of Taino people were taken to the slave markets in Seville, Spain to be sold for profit. Many died enroute and were thrown overboard. Other exploiters who came after Columbus said it was possible to find your way to the Indies by following the bodies in the water.

Columbus was the first slave trader in the Americas. Millions died as the greed and brutality he brought to their shores caused death and destruction to the Taino people.

Although the truth is known about Columbus, the USA still honors him with a federal holiday.

Columbus Day is the ONLY disputed holiday with 17 states refusing to honor this murderer.


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