Caribbean Indigenous Peoples Support UN Declaration

UCTP Public Notice: The UCTP has been informed by Chief Ricardo B. Hernandez of the Santa Rosa Carib Community that the Community has also decided to support the Declaration on the on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, which is currently being promoted through the United Nations System.

Caribbean Indigenous Peoples Representatives verified in their support of the United Nations Declaration on the Right of Indigenous Peoples now include United Confederation of Taino People (Caribbean & US), Consejo General de Tainos Boricanos (Puerto Rico), Caney Quinto Mundo (Puerto Rico), Joboshirima Arawak Community (Venezuela), Fundacion Luz Cosmica Taina (Dom. Republic), Kalinago Carib Nation (Dominica), Guyanese Organization of Indigenous Peoples (Guyana), Eagle Clan Arawaks (Barbados & Guyana), Amerindian Peoples Association (Guyana), Amerindian Action Movement of Guyana (Guyana), Garifuna American Heritage Foundation United (US & Caribbean), and the Santa Rosa Carib Community (Trinidad).

The UCTP continues to urge our community, either individually or via their organizations, to support this petition initiative of the Grand Council of the Crees and Amnesty International Canada. If your Caribbean Indigenous organization would like to be included in this list of supporters, please inform the UCTP by email at uctp_ny@yahoo.com

*Please review and sign the petition at:

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