14th Annual Prayer Vigil for the Earth, All Invited...

Grandfather William Commanda, Algonquin
Sharing the prophecy of the Seen Fires at the
Prayer Vigil for the Earth in Washington, DC

14th Annual Prayer Vigil for the Earth, All Invited, 100% Volunteer
September 16 & 17, 2006,
Washington Monument, DC
Corner of 17th & Constitution Ave

Saturday: Interspersed with Ceremonial Songs & Music, Silence, Prayers, & Round Dances

Begins at Sunrise:
Welcome, Prayer Vigil Organizing Community
Sunrise Peace Pipe Ceremony, Honoring fire, Clyde Bellecourt, Ojibway, Mitch Walking Elk & Others (6:30am)

Honoring the Great Mother/WaterCeremony, Sacred Space, Drums & Women of Spirit from 4 Directions

Shumei Taiko, In Shinto Tradition, Taiko drumming, chanting, from Japan, Honoring air

Celtic Tradition, Celtic Wheel & Harvest

All Traditions Honoring the Earth....Kathy Sandoval, California First Nations & Roberto Mucaro Borrero, Taino (Caribbean Indigenous)

Blessing for Infants, All Traditions Parent/Child Blessing & Healing Ceremony, Mary Sunbeam

Talking Circles on Peace, Community & Youth

Christian Prayers, Rev. Sidney Byrd

Harry Byrd Celebration Game, All

World Peace Prayer Flag Ceremony, Deborah Moldow, All the Flags of the World, May Peace Prevail on Earth

Children's Music and Peace Parade, Bill Jenkins & Team

Tibetan Meditation & Prayers, KPC and others

Honoring: Cecelia Looking Horse, Craig Lavender, and other Vigil mentors

Hare Krishna, Music, Songs & Chanting

Prayer of St. Francis, Trudy Moorse & Bluebird Dance, LeaDance

Universal Dances of Peace, Northern Virginia Women's Hoop

One Song Choir, New Thought Churches in DC Area (Unity & Religious

Sufi Zikir Ceremony, Sheykh Abdul Kerim el-Kibrisi, Osamanli Naks- I'bendi Hakkani Dergahi

Sunset Ceremony, Ivy Hilton, Calling in the Stars on Crystal Bowls

Sikh, Music and Chanting Worship Service, Rajwant Singh, Guru Gobind Singh Foundation

Shumei Chanting & Taiko Drums (in coordination with many in Japan)

International Drumming for Mother Earth, First Nation's Drum, African Drum, & All Drums &
Musicians Invited

Prayer Vigil Song & Music & Dance Offerings, Larry Long, Rabiah Rayford, Yumi, Lona & All

Selichot Stories, Song, & Dance from the Jewish tradition, Rabbi David Shneyer

Midnight Peace Pipe Ceremony, Rev. La'Kota-Haise Frazier, Abenaki- Lakota

Sunday: Interspersed with Ceremonial Songs & Music, Silence, Prayers, & Round Dances

Begins before Sunrise:
Call to Prayer, Muslim

Honoring the All Night Fire Keepers & Community

Sunrise Peace Pipe Ceremony, Lillian Pitawanakwat & First Nations & Community

Standing Together: Community Middle East Healing & All Healing— Wiping Each Other's

Sharing Bread Together, All Traditions
Sufi Zikr, Shaykh Abdi; Kerim al-Kibrisi, Osamanli Naks-I'bendi Dergahi

Tibetan Buddhist Prayers & Chanting, The Venerable Khendo Tsultrim Rinpoche & Sangh,
TMC, Maryland

Christian Prayers, Hymns, & Readings, Rev Sidney Byrd & Others

Shumei Chanting & Taiko Drum, Shumei Members

Making Peace Cranes, Shumei & others musical offerings

Release of the Butterflies, Suzanne Clarke & Children

Children's Peace Parade, Bill Jenkins & Children

Commitment Ceremony, Sarah Berry & Eleanor Kibrick & All

All Nations Celebration of Life, Everyone

Continuously offered also:

Children's Activities Tent; Jyorei Healing; Japanese Shumei healing with Spiritual Light technique; Prayer Grove, Offering Prayers & Silence; Sacred Fire, Offering Prayers at All Times

Labyrinth, Walking into the Sacred Center, Sandra Wasko-Flood, Pam Ramadei, Amshatar Monroe ; Buffalo Healing & Silence Robe: Pray for the Animals, Plants, & All Life

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