Caribbean Editor Appointed for Indigenous Portal

UCTP Taino News – The United Confederation of Taino People (UCTP) has been appointed Caribbean Regional Editor for the International Indigenous Portal. Created by the Indigenous ICT Task Force (IITF), the International Indigenous Portal at http://www.indigenousportal.com/ is a developing project, which comprises a general web site and regional sub-sites highlighting various regions of the world including Africa, Arctic, Asia, the Caribbean, Central and South America, North America, the Pacific, and Central and Eastern Europe, Russian Federation, Central Asia and Transcaucasia.

Welcoming the UCTP officially to the project, Malia Nobrega (Hawai’i), a representative of the IITF and the Indigenous Portal Board stated that the interview committee “was very happy to learn about the exciting work that the United Confederation of Taino People has done and continues to do with Indigenous Peoples of the Caribbean.”

Announced at the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in 2006, the call for regional portal editors began during a special session, which launched the International Indigenous Portal. The announcement was distributed world wide through various internet networks and acceptance of applications closed February 28th. Regional editors for the portal will be responsible for site content, editing, technical support on site usage, community outreach, project development, and reporting.

“The portal will increase the visibility of the Taino and other Caribbean Indigenous Peoples internationally along with our other indigenous relatives from around the world” stated Ericc Diaz who is a lead member of the UCTP’s information technology team.

“We look forward to introducing this innovative technology to our communities throughout the region” said Diaz.

UCTPTN 03.10.2008

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