Native Representatives Invited for Historic Haitian Ceremony

Haiti - In an historic first since the earliest European trafficking of Africans to the Western Hemisphere for enslavement, the African derived Indigenous religions in Haiti have been united under one Spiritual leader. On March 7, 2008, Max Beauvoir, an internationally acclaimed bio-chemist, plant physiologist and traditional healer will be elevated to the new office of Spiritual Leader of the National Assembly of Vodouizan (KNVA) in Haiti. Vodou is a monotheistic, Creator-based, religion born out of a mixing of African and Native American spiritual practices with adherents numbering several million worshipers in the Western Hemisphere.

The move to form KNVA was decided among the leaders of the major branches of traditional practice in Haiti to better inform the world community about the ancient foundations of their spiritual presence in the Western Hemisphere. The position of the National Assembly is that, over time, uninformed sensationalist motivations of various conversion-driven religions have harmed the people of Haiti and have done great injustice to the character and diverse beauty of all Indigenous spiritual communities. A new spirit of tolerance and acceptance will foster religious freedom within the Haitian cultural context and serve as a positive influence for national and international progress.

On February 6, 2008 Beauvoir stated the following in a special Council with the National Assembly, "We honor the similarities and the cooperative nature of the Indigenous Native American and African spiritual communities in the New World reaching back hundreds of years. There is encouraging evidence of a new era dawning that can lead to a better understanding of the nature and patterns of worship which had sustained a thousand generations of the Original People from Africa and Native America. When colonial Europeans arrived the religious, political and economic balance was lost".

The National Assembly will convene on March 7, 2008 near the capital city of Port-au-Prince, Haiti to honor the past and close the 516-year circle of destruction. Haiti will, then, look forward to a future of respect among the world community of sovereign nations. Sovereign Native representatives and Indigenous Spiritual Elders from throughout the Americas are gratefully invited to attend this historic ceremony.

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