Taino to bring attention to Suicide Crises

New York, NY (UCTP Taino News) - Taino community member Raul Kahayarix Rios will join hundreds of others in a 20 mile walk to benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention in June 2008. The walkers will travel through the night in this special event called “Out of the Darkness Overnight”, which is designed to raise funds and make a bold statement to bring the issue of suicide “out into the light.”

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) is at the forefront of research, education and prevention initiatives designed to reduce loss of life from suicide. With more than 30,000 lives lost each year in the U.S. and over one million worldwide, Rios notes that “the importance of AFSP's mission has never been greater, nor this work more urgent.”

Kahayarix Rios has a personal fundraising goal of $1000 for this cause and he is currently seeking support from the community at large. Rios has set up an “Overnight” fundraising page where donations can be made or the community can check on his fundraising progress. The page and additional information about the “Overnight” event is located at the AFSP website, is accessible at http://www.theovernight.org/?fuseaction=extranet.personalpage&confirmid=10010500.

The Out of the Darkness Overnight will start at 7:00 pm on Saturday evening, June 7, with a short, reflective and motivating Opening Ceremony framed by the setting sun. Upon completing the route, the walkers will gather back at the Ceremonies site on Sunday morning, June 8. Starting at 5:00 am, a Closing Ceremony will complete the event with a celebration of community.

UCTPTN 03.15.2008

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