Taino Wins Photo Competition in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico (UCTP Taino News) - Roger Atihuibancex Hernandez Moyet has won the Walgreen's sponsored "Fotomarathon 2006 Nuestras Raices Indigenas" photo contest in Adult Category prize for the “Fideicomiso de Conservacion de Puerto Rico”.

On April 28th Hernandez along with the prize winners in other categories will have their photos presented an exhibition held at the prestigious Jardines de Casa Blanca in Viejo San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Hernandez is the editor for UCTP’s news journal “The Voice of the Taino People” as well as the co-director of Presencia Taina. You can review other his projects at http://www.presenciataina.tv/ and http://www.presenciataina1.org/ . To see more of his photos check out http://www.presenciataina.tv/Fotomaroton.html .

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