Lokono Arawak Model in Barbados

Barbados (UCTP Taino News) - “Natural Beauty, Natural Talent” - those are the four words one can most fittingly use to describe Barbados born Ellen Victoria St. John; with no formal training and no previous experience - she wowed a coterie of professional photographers during various photo-shoots across Barbados. Photographs of the 16 year-old beauty and current 5th form student of the prestigious Queen's college Secondary School in Barbados were recently published on pages 22-24 in the MACO Destinations Magazine, Volume 2 Issue 3 of 2006.

Ellen is of diverse ancestry and is a fifth generation maternal descendant of Princess Marian of the Eagle Clan Lokono-Arawaks of Guyana, and at age 15 participated (along with her brother Seth) in the 2006 Arawak and Carib joint reclamation of Culpepper Island off Barbados; pride in their Arawak roots is strong in the family. Ellen’s mother Lisa Elena St. John (nee Corrie) was the first Barbadian to be professionally trained as a high fashion model in Italy in the 1970's - at the Koesia School of High Fashion Modeling in Rome. Ellen recently registered with a well known American Modeling Agency, in the near future do not be surprised if this young lady becomes the 'new look' sensation on the catwalks of North America and Europe!

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