Burial Ceremony for Elder Huacan at Caney Quinto Mundo on 02/03/07

Takahi Guaitiao:

As most of you are aware, a beloved community elder, and UCTP representative, Hu’acan John P. Vidal, crossed over into Coaibei (the Spirit World) recently on 12/15/2006.

Hu’acan's sister, Sonia Vidal and Teresa Fair, his niece will be traveling to Boriken to fulfill one of elder Hu’acan's last wishes, which was to buried at the Caney Quinto Mundo’s Sacred Burial Grounds in his island homeland of Boriken.

We will hold Burial Ceremony for Hu’acan on Saturday, February 3, 2007. In the tradition of our ancestors, those who would like to join us are welcome. Those who cannot be here physically are welcome to join us in a prayer ceremony at 12:00pm.

You are all also welcome to send messages to be shared with the Hu’acan’s family on Friday evening as we gather around the sacred fire to share stories, songs and prayers in preparation for Saturday's Burial Ceremony.

Our Community is honored and humbled as we fulfill his last wishes to be here at the Caney.

If you will be coming on Friday or Saturday please let us know so that we can prepare for your arrival. Our email address is caney@prtc.net and our phone number is (787) 847-5039.

Tio Bo Guatukan,
Naniki Ata

Taino Elder Hu'acan at Caney Quinto Mundo, Boriken Regional Gathering, Summer 2004

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