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Mabrika Guaitiao (Greetings Relatives):

It is our hope that this message finds you all well and in good spirit. Since our posting of information/ articles/ commentary etc. concerning Mel Gibson's film Apocalypto, the UCTP has received a large number of response postings from our readers.

As it is not our intention to flood the UCTP Taino News and Information Service (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Taino_News/) with ongoing commentary on this particular film, we have added a "comments" option to the UCTP blog site, "The Voice of the Taino People" at http://www.uctp.blogspot.com/

The UCTP welcomes your comments on Gibson's film or other articles at this site. We will however not accept any "Anonymous" comments. To post your comment on Apocalypto specifically, please visit the "Boycott Mel Gibson's Apocalypto" page at:


We are also adding two comments below as they are representative of the over-all attitude toward Apocalypto, which the UCTP again urges you and your family to boycott and speak out against.

Oma'bahari (With Respect),
Roberto Mucaro Borrero,
President and Chairman,
UCTP Regional Coordinating Office
http://www.uctp. org/

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Reader Responses:

1.) From Danny Nieves (New York):

Tao, I have been reading the reviews and the different comments on the Mel Gibson movie "Apocalypto" ; I was able to get a cd copy of the film, which I saw last night. Being that I had read the reviews and the comments from various people on the different forums, I knew what to expect from Mel Gibson's film. I would like to say that I am surprised that no one has criticized the scene where the City Mayans are leading their captives through a village where they encounter a crazed, emaciated old man. The crazed emaciated old man screams out "Salvation" and the antagonist of the movie says, "He has the laughing sickness, he likes you".

I was wondering if someone on this forum could tell me why Mel Gibson would mention a disease that is associated with Cannibalism in the film Apocalpto? It seems to me that Mel Gibson is portraying the Natives as cannibals in this film just like the recent film "Pirates of the Caribbean", but in a more subtle way.

2.) From Rosa John (Canada):

I had already decided not to see it, well before this e-mail, but thank you so much for the review. Unfortunately, it was too late for my husband and daughter (who are in the United States at this time), who insisted, against heeding my better judgments and pleading with them not to see it (even with only the previews), I knew it was more Mel Gibson Bloody, horrific garbage. So, Now what?! Will we sit quietly while people watch this film and feel pleasantly washed away of their sins against humanity during that time of "discovery"? I want to tell the world that these lies and unspeakable horrors happened only at a time when a peaceful people wanted nothing more that to honor visitors.... guests, who later both committed and praised themselves historically about their crimes.

Please excuse the wrath in my words, but it is these public humiliations that have buried the souls of our people for too long. It's time to speak out...not just between ourselves, but to the nations and people who will watch this movie and think it historically correct. Again, accept this as my humble thoughts and inform me if we will as a people rise up against this injustice. Thank you.