UDC opens refurbished Two Sisters Cave

The Urban Development Corporation (UDC) added a new attraction to its portfolio with the official opening of Two Sisters Caves in Hellshire, St Catherine on December 8.

Welcoming visitors to the attraction, President and CEO Marjorie Campbell said that "Two Sisters represents one of the jewels in the UDC's crown of natural attractions, which include the world-famous Dunn's River Falls and Park and Green Globe-certified Green Grotto Caves and Attraction".

Campbell also said that Two Sisters Caves' close proximity to Kingston makes it an important part of the tourism and recreation product of that section of the island.

The attraction also received high praise from acting director of the Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo) Barrington Payne, who represented the minister of tourism, entertainment and culture.

"A true gem has been unearthed, one that fits into the master plan for sustainable tourism development, of being a cave, community-based and environmentally sustainable," said Payne.

Two Sisters Caves, which is believed to be a Taino ceremonial site, was refurbished by the UDC which, in addition to improving the stairs and supporting infrastructure, built a nature trail.
Refreshment and souvenir kiosks have been added as well as sanitary conveniences and a children's play area.

Hellshire has been a designated area of the UDC since 1968 and projects currently under way include the 165 two-bedroom Hellshire Glades Housing Development, the phased refurbishing of the Fort Charles Beach Park and the implementation of the Hellshire Environmental Management Plan (HEMP), which will guide future developments.

Source: Jamaica Observer

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