Eagle Clan girl wins Local Beauty Pagaent

Guyana, South America (UCTP Taíno News) - A 16 year old member of the Eagle Clan Arawaks, Christella Junor won the 2008 Beauty Pageant in the 2,000 person Pakuri Lokono-Arawak community in Region #4 Guyana; South America.

Miss Junor was "excited and honored" to have won the pageant that took place May 25th 2008. Proud parents - Lolita and Raymond Junor - recalled that her Grandmother Etheldreda Simon remarked when Christella was born that she would be "Beauty Queen of Pakuri one day". The Junor’s have 4 other children - Maradonna 21, Fidel 12, Cassandra 10 and Ray jr. 5.

Christella Junor is a niece of Shirling Normellia Corrie (Simon) - wife of UCTP member and Pantribal Confederacy of Indigenous Tribal Nations founder/President Damon Gerard Corrie.

UCTPTN 08.10.2008

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