Taino women's gathering and retreat Boriken 2007

In our Taino communities, in order for patriarchy to become balanced by the discerning wisdom and compassion that is associated with the feminine aspects of our humanity, as well as by our indigenous wisdom — a fusionof the women in our communities must occur.

The Taino Women's circle is a way to the embodiment of our ancestral wisdom. A non-hierarchical circle of women is where this equality can flourish, where culture listens and everyone in the circle learns.

With this thought in mind, Yaboa Native Women's coalition invites Taino women from every Taino community and/or organization to join in a Taino Circle of Sisterhood: Gathering & Retreat to be held in Boriken from Monday July 23 to Sunday July 29, 2007.

We will spend a week together conversation, ceremony, song, dance and in celebration of our earth mother.

We will share stories and learn things taught in circles of spirit around a sacred fire; things known only by the elders. This gathering and retreat will bring us together with Taino women living in Boriken while we explore our horizons and rediscover each other.

As Caribbean Indigenous women, our social, economic, and political concerns are similar and yet different from other indigenous women. How we address our issues, how the world sees us and how we interrelate with other indigenous communities is contingent on how we relate to each other and our environment. Native women throughout the Americas know these are trying times for the family of man. Globalization, war, contamination of the environment, disrespect for the basic human rights of indigenous peoples are all part of the ongoing problems indigenous communities endure daily. Were it not for its women many of these communities would be completely devastated. As such, crimes against indigenous women are on the rise.

Never has there been a greater need for Taino Women to come into circles of oneness than now. In unity, we can develop projects that will help to change the way we as Taino people bypass the borders of division and adversities imposed on us by the society we live in.

Taino Sisters of one heart, in kindred spirit from everywhere — Boriken, Kiskeya, Cubanacan, Bimini, and the Diaspora — together to once again feel the heart of our ancestral land beneath our feet.

Ignore the man-made borders that divide us and come to dance in the sacredness of our waters and to share in the warmth of our council fire.

Sisters, Taino women of the Caribbean First nations, let us rebuild our communities with respect for each other and love for all our people while honoring our spirit by honoring our ancestors.

That said, ladies, get a piggy bank and save your money! You have close to six months before the Taino Circle of Sisterhood: Gathering & Retreat in Boriken from July 23 to 29th, 2007.

It is the hope of Presencia Taina's YABOA Indigenous Women's Coalition that we can all take back to our respective communities from this circle a better understanding of our role as Taino women within the global community; as well as, how our Indigenous values and principles help earth mother and all her children and our future generation.

For reservation, cost, and trip information call 718-796-2460 or email prestaina@aol.com

You must reserve and confirm your attendance no later than Friday, June 1, 2007 — no exceptions. Itinerary is forth coming.

Hope to hear from you soon,
Co-Director Presencia Taina,

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