Documentary Film Maker to Focus on Taino

Documentary Producer Alex Zacarias (at left) meets with members of the Cacibahagua Taino Cultural Society in New York. (Photo: Alex Zacarias)

UCTP Taino News - The Emmy Award winning team of Producer/Director Alex Zacarias and videographer Ray Ibsen took to New York from 17-22 May to begin work on “The Lost Taino Tribe” documentary. While in New York the documentary team met with a number of local Taino community members who shared their ideas, thoughts and beliefs on the subject of contemporary Taino identity.

The team timed their visit and preliminary filming to coincide with activities such as the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues and a local indigenous festival – Drums Along the Hudson.

“One week was not enough but we were able to get enough film footage and information to continue to pursue the funding needed for the making of this important contemporary documentary” stated Zacarias.

He continued noting that “The truth is much larger than any one person or place. We will be back to New York and will be heading to Puerto Rico and to all the Caribbean Diaspora.”

UCTPTN 06.01.2009

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