Pakuri Arawak Community Elects New Chief

Pakuri Lokono Territory, Guyana (UCTP Taino News) - On Saturday May 30th 2009 democratic elections were held on the 2,000 person 240 sq. mile Pakuri Lokono Arawak Territory in Guyana, South America.

At Pakuri, 25% of the population is of voting age (18 years+), with 75% of the population of Pakuri being of 17 years or younger. The population of Pakuri has doubled in the last 16 years - up from a 1992 estimate of 1,000 persons; making it one of the fastest growing indigenous communities in Guyana.

Campaigning for the post of Chief were 3 Lokono-Arawak men - Telford Taylor, Mark Bernard, and Ernest Dundas.

Chief Dundas won with roughly 60% of the vote, Mr. Bernard came second with approximately 30%; and Mr. Taylor third with about 10% of the vote.

The community also democratically elected all 8 members appointed by Chief Dundas to form his Village Council - which is the Tribal Government of Pakuri Arawak Territory. The new council includes former Chief Pierre Andrews - who recently represented Pakuri at the 3rd Indigenous Leaders Summit of the Americas held in Panama, Central America.

The next elections at Pakuri are due to be held again in May 2012.

Photo: Pierre Andrews and Ernest Dunda in Pakuri Lokono Arawak Territory, Guyana

Reporter: Damon Corrie
UCTPTN 06.04.2006

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