Sacred reclamation and Grand-Clean-up of Jacanas in Puerto Rico

UCTP Taíno News - The Consejo General de Tainos Borincanos in collaboration with other organizations and agencies has organized a clean-up of the sacred site of Jacanas in Ponce, Puerto Rico from April 11th through the 13th. The council invites the general public as well as other indigenous peoples to join with them in this noble effort for conservation and in memory of the ancestors. The effort is part of a larger effort to save ancient indigenous sacred sites in Puerto Rico. Camping will be available as well as an orientation of the spiritual, environmental, and cultural importance of the area on April 13th. For further information on the event, contact Elba Anaca Lugo at 787-568-1547 or 787-760-5078, or Grandmother Shashira at 787-858-4855.

UCTPTN 04.01.2008

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