Carib Canoe Trial Run A Success

UCTP Taino News - Two huge Carib “War Canoes” paddled south from Madiana Beach in Martinique about 25 nautical miles to St. Luce over Easter Weekend. On this trip there were “no weapons in hand” just oars and a large group of Kalinago (Carib) and other “Sea Warriors” determined to recreate an important part of the region’s indigenous history.

The group is working on a seven year project to renew the voyages of the Carib ancestors from South America up through the Caribbean Islands. The Easter Weekend trip was a trail run for a longer voyage – more than double the length - set for this May 2008.

The 50 member canoe team included French, German, Austrian, English, American and Tahitian members as well as a special 15 member Kalinago contingent from Dominica. These men and women - young and old - students, fishermen and sailors have been training together in the rough Atlantic seas off the East Coast of the Carib Territory in Dominica since January, 2008.

The larger of the two canoes, the “Youmoulicou” is 60 feet from stem to stern, with its sister at 50 foot long. The two canoes were accompanied by two security support boats.

In May, the Sea Warriors will set out from north of Martinique to brave the heavy seas of the Dominican Channel, paddling their 25-man canoes for over 10 grueling hours through the high waves to arrive finally on the shores of Scotts Head in Dominica.

Photo: Some of the Kalinago and other "Sea Warriors" in Martinique on Easter Weekend (Photo credit: J. Grinmer)

UCTPTN 04.04.2008

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