Taino People affiliated with the International Indian Treaty Council

UCTP Taino News - The United Confederation of Taino People (UCTP) has been formally accepted as affiliates of the International Indian Treaty Council (IITC) by consensus of the IITC Board of Directors. The Taino affiliation will be reconfirmed by the indigenous assembly gathered at the upcoming IITC Treaty Conference which will be held from 4-7 April 2008 in Guatemala. The theme of the 2008 IITC Treaty Conference will be “Implementing the UN Declaration for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the Right to Free Prior Informed Consent”.

The IITC is an organization of Indigenous Peoples from North, Central, South America and the Pacific working for the sovereignty and self-determination of Indigenous Peoples and the recognition and protection of indigenous rights, treaties, traditional cultures and sacred lands. The IITC was founded in 1974 at a gathering by the American Indian Movement in Standing Rock, South Dakota attended by more than 5000 representatives of 98 Indigenous Nations.

The UCTP represents indigenous Taino People from throughout the Caribbean region at the international level as well as supports local Taino organizations and community representatives at the local and national levels.

UCTPTN 01.01.2008

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