Successful CARIB Art Exhibit Closes in NY

New York (UCTP Taino News) - The first annual CELEBRATE: CARIB Art exhibition closed on December 29 after its successful premier showing. Sponsored by CARIB (Caribbean Association for Resource, Information & Building), the exhibition was held at the World Culture Open Gallery (19 W. 26th St.) in New York City from December 16-29, 2007. According to the exhibition organizers, the show was an opportunity to “celebrate artwork inspired by the vitality, beauty and diversity of the Caribbean region.”

Among the Caribbean artists from “near and far, of many languages, and interpretations” who showcased an impressive display of multi-media artworks in the exhibition was Taíno elder, Mildred Mucara Torres-Speeg. An award winning, internationally recognized master portrait artist, Torres-Speeg’s contribution to the exhibition included “Guabancex: Taíno Spirit of the Hurricane” and “Taíno Warrior II”. These unique works as well as other pieces from her collection can be viewed at http://www.worldsbestart.com/ and http://www.nighteaglestudio.com/.

UCTPTN 01.05.2008

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Anonymous said...

Dear Taino People
I love your activities and Arts - Tino people and Mildred Torres-Speed Arts! Thank you!
Your children must have their national schools with your original language! In Canada start this activities for indigenous people near Niagara education project.
/"Taino" in Bulgarian language means:"secret"/

All the best

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