Taino Leaders Speak Out on Sacred Site in Puerto Rico

San Juan, Puerto Rico (UCTP Taino News) – Taino community leaders Elba Anaka Lugo and Naniki Ocasio Reyes will be interviewed tonight on 1320 Radio Isla starting at 10 PM to provide an update on the recent Taino archeological find in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

During the two-hour program they will also provide commentary on Taino community concerns as well as ways the community plans to address this controversial situation.

Lugo is the Director of the Consejo General of Tainos Borincanos and Ocasio Reyes is the founder of the Caney Quinto Mundo. The first local indigenous organizations to respond to violations being committed at the site known as PO29, the Consejo and the Caney have continued to monitor the situation closely. Besides meeting with local officials to address the issue, the organizations have also jointly organized spiritual ceremonies on behalf of the Taino ancestors, which have been carried out at the site by Taino elders and spiritual leaders.

Listeners can tune in tonight for the 2 hour special program in Spanish by visiting the station's live on-line link at http://www.radioisla1320.com/index_html.php.

UCTPTN 11.02.2007

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