Italians against Columbus Day

UCTP Taino News – In solidarity with American Indian nations, a group of Italian citizens have decided to actively support protests against the celebration of Columbus Day by establishing a petition against it the controversial holiday.

The petition, which was written in Cannara (Perugia) - Italy on October 9, 2007, will be presented to Italian municipalities, presidents of Italian regions, and to Italian American associations.

Mike Graham (Cherokee) of United Native America, Oglala Lakota Patriot Russell Means, and UCTP President Roberto Mukaro Borrero (Taino) have endorsed the effort.

The Italian petition against the celebration of Columbus Day can be found online at http://www.petitiononline.com/cd1ptoit/petition.html.

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Alessandro Profeti said...

My name is Alessandro Profeti, I'm the owner of Italian Blog http://www.nativiamericani.it, thanks for your post on Italian petition against Columbus Day..now we have 103 signatures...
I forward this request of Information for you, from "The Circle", an italian native american support network:

"Some tainos people know us to subscribe our online petition about the celebration of Columbus Day, at the website http://www.nativiamericani.it.
Now, to continue our fight here in Italy, we need some information direct from Taino people,
regarding his history. As you know, when Colombo come back in Europa from his first travel, he bring with him a group of 10 Taino.
One of this, died immediately at the arrival in Spain, and Colombo and his priest named him for a christian religion to "have the first indigenous enter to the God Kingdom!!".
Bartolomeo de las Casas and Dee Brown tell this story in their book and diary.
Now, we ask you if you confirm this story, and if you know the name and the death day of this unfortunately Taino, the historical first victims of colonization. Thanks to help us.
Please, contact us at the email vittorio@ecocentrici.it or

Respectfully, Alessandro Profeti, Italy