Boriken Youth to Begin Sacred Run

Yari Sierra promoting the 2012 Peace and Dignity Run in Ponce
Ponce, Boriken/Puerto Rico (UCTP Taino News) – One of the coordinators of the 2012 Boriken Peace and Dignity Run, Yari Sierra, hosted a final fundraising activity at Ponce's Plaza del Caribe shopping mall to promote the upcoming Taíno sacred run and related events in the Ponce area. Sierra is working hard to generate the necessary funds to cover the expenses of this year’s Run scheduled to begin in two days.

Equipped with promotional material brochures and summary pages, Sierra presented video clips of last year's successful Peace and Dignity Run along with photographs to an interested public. Many individuals stopped by her information table to learn more about this historic event and the young Taíno community members that are putting this all together.

Participants and supporters of the Boriken Peace and Dignity Run will camp out at Jayuya's "Cemi Cedetra y Casa Canales" located in Coabey on Tuesday afternoon to begin preparations for Wednesday's Sunrise ceremony. This ceremony will officially begin the 2012 Peace and Dignity Run on the island, which links to an additional run down the East Coast of the U.S., and the main continental run schedule to end in Guatemala this December. An additional run will take place in Kiskeia (Dominican Republic) around the same time period.
Runners will make the journey from CEDERTA in Jayuya to Utuado's Caguana Ceremonial Center on Wednesday afternoon. Thursday's morning events will start at Jacanas from where runners will trek to Tibes Ceremonial Park in Ponce.  From Tibes, the runners will head to Mayaguez with activities scheduled till the end of the week.

For more information on how you can support the 2012 Boriken Peace and Dignity Run contact yarisina1@yahoo.com or visit http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/164824 .

Author: Roger Guayacan Hernandez
Source: UCTP Taino News

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