Raul Lall representing Guyana at Judo at London Olympics

GUYANA - Starting today, national lightweight judo champion Raul Lall of the Rising Sun Judo Dojo will becomethe first Guyanese Judoka to actually compete at the Olympics. Lall started playing Judo about 3 years ago, coming from a strong a judo family, both his father and uncle played, his uncle being one of the best judokas a Guyana ever produced and the founder of the Rising Sun dojo.

Raul shot up through Judo ranks bouyed by amazing natural talent, the ability to absorb what he is taught and a stubborn attitude to just win competitions, he has absolutely dominated the lightweight category.  For the last 2 years no local lightweight could get past Lall.

The use of heavy weights has given the 18 year old a distinct advantage against competitors his size, being able to power past them in competition.  He will hope to combine his power and skill to bring Guyana glory at these game, no easy task, but his tenacious nature will ensure he gives his best shot.

Lall is trained by Bruce Fraser – Instructor Rising Sun, and the entire club is rooting for him to do well at the London Olympic Games.

Source: Kaieteur News

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