Remembering the Ancestors

NEW YORK CITY - Luis Ramos has become a local hero amongst the Indigenous Indian people of New York. Luis Ramos a very humble man of medium built has managed to put together a powerful celebration. This event is called "Indigenous Day of Remembrance". This event takes place in the heart of New York City at Columbus Circle.

You see Luis is a Taino Indian and he has a vested Interest in the history and truth of Christopher Columbus. The Taino people were the first to discover the Mass Murderer Christopher Columbus. Many do not know that Columbus was much hated by his own peers, he could not get support in Portugal, so he went to Spain charmed Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand. When you get a chance read "the Book Of Privileges" these Privileges were set up as contracts between Columbus and Spain.

Christopher Columbus was born in 1451, in Genoa Italy. Most school children are left to believe their hero was born in Spain. They are also being taught that he set foot in the United States when in reality it was Sal Salvador. The journey was suppose to be heading for Asia I have doubts that he was really lost when in fact he had help from the Moors whom were master explorers and navigators.

Perhaps he even deceived the King and Queen of Spain perhaps he had a hidden agenda and needed funding for his quest. These arguments and thoughts are still being discussed within my circle of researchers and friends.

As we assemble in Columbus Circle, Prayers are being sent out to the Creator for all the Indian people that have crossed over, lost their lives to this Mass Murderer, Christopher Columbus whom was the first Mass Murderer and Serial Killer recorded in American history. At least by Indigenous people.

We as Native people protest the Myth of Christopher Columbus and demand that his Statue come down, I would like to see the Board Of Education take responsibility for much of the Myth of this man. It gets pretty lame when you have to tell Indigenous children"forget about the truth just pass your test and get your diplomas then go speak the truth"

I want to thank Luis Ramos for this Remembrance day. I am hoping that the event grows and grows it was so good to see all Nations coming together for the one thing we have in common which was the domino affect that Columbus had on us all.

If you are in New York get information on Columbus from U.C.T.P which stands for the United Confederation Of Taino People, and their friend and brother Luis Ramos organizer of the event.

Author: Firebird Graywolf
Source: Indian Country Today

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