Indigenous Women: Our Rights, Our Lands, Our Future Generations

Oakland, California (UCTP Taino News) – On June 30 an international group of indigenous women will gather at the Eastside Arts Alliance in Oakland, California to discuss reproductive and environmental health issues in their diverse communities. This event is held in conjunction with a two-day symposium where indigenous delegates from throughout the U.S., Canada, Alaska, Mexico, Guatemala, and Nicaragua as the Caribbean and Pacific islands will develop strategies and strengthen networking to better understand and confront environmental threats to life-giving capacity and the health of present and future generations. Some of the participating organizations include California Indians for a Clean Environment; Los Angeles Indigenous Peoples Alliance; Jittoa – Bat – Nataka-Weria (Rio Yaqui, Sonora Mexico); Te Rau Aroha (Aoteroa/New Zealand); Alaska Community Action on Toxics; United Confederation of Taino People; and Native Women Association of Canada among others. Sponsored by the International Indian Treaty Council, admittance is free of charge but donations are accepted. For more information contact morningstar@treatycouncil.org.

UCTPTN 06.16.2010

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