Taino Artisans Look Toward the Holidays in Ponce

La Guancha, Boriken (UCTP Taino News) – Holiday shoppers interested in contemporary indigenous art in Boriken (Puerto Rico) can visit several Taino craft venders at the festival market at “La Guancha” in Ponce.

Community members Luis Kacian Calderon Vega of Alfareria Kanari and Edgar Yerut of Wakia Arawaka Taino are certified artisans who present their works at the famous marina and boardwalk every weekend. The artisans serve as cultural ambassadors for a curious public.

"Our culturally based Taino Boriqua artforms make unique and affordable gifts perfect for the current economic climate" stated Luis Kacian who heads his own shop, Alfareria Kanari, specializing in hand-thrown ceramics. Artisans on the island have been adversely affected by the island’s ongoing economic crises.

"We hope that more people contact us so that we may share our art and culture with the entire world" notes Edgar Yerut who along with Lizzy Sarobey co-design the handcrafts presented by Wakia Arawkia Taina year round at this coastal boardwalk bazaar.

While the artists at La Guancha are looking toward local support this holiday season, interested Taino art enthusiasts world-wide can contact them at akanari2008@hotmail.com.

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