Confederation Welcomes New Southern States Liaison

Ellijay, Georgia (UCTP Taino News) – The United Confederation of Taino People (UCTP) welcomed this month Monika “Mamona” Ponton-Arrington as its Liaison Officer responsible for Confederation outreach in Alabama and Tennessee. She will also serve the States of North Carolina and Georgia in coordination with elder Mildred Mukara Torres-Speeg.

A Boriken Taino whose family comes from Puerto Rico’s Ponce, Coamo, Dorado, Jayuya, and San Juan areas, Ponton-Arrington currently resides Ellijay, Georgia with her husband Fulton Arrington, a Tsalagi (Cherokee). She was given her Taino name Mamona by her grandmother.

Ponton-Arrington is a mother of four children ranging from ages 32-23 and works as a Counselor. An advocate for Native Rights, she works to protect sacred sites in Georgia and is presently a Trustee to the Talking Rock Cherokee Memorial Cemetery.

She has presented lectures before civic groups, colleges and historical societies and enjoys traditional arts.

Contact information for Monika Mamona Ponton-Arrington will soon be made available at the UCTP webportal at www.uctp.org.

UCTPTN 05.13.2009

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