Yahoo recognizes Taino News and Information Group

UCTP Taino News – The United Confederation of Taino People’s Taino News and Information Email List Server has been recognized as a “Yahoo!Groups Power User” with the Yahoo Groups network. The distinction recognizes the Confederation’s dedication to building its ever-increasing subscription base and allows access to Yahoo’s Power User Program. The Taino News list on Yahoo currently serves over 2,600 subscribers.

The Groups Power User Program is a pilot program focusing on the owners and moderators of the top 2% of Yahoo Groups. Top percentile users were determined after a review of a several factors including the number of members in a group, group activity, and how long the group has been in existence. As one of the few list serves in the program, the UCTP can now take advantage of new services such as 24-hour online chat support.

One of the UCTP’s online moderators, Roger Guayakan Hernandez welcomed the news. “It is nice to see a company like Yahoo recognize the hard work we have put into our Taino News group resource.”

Hernandez, who is based in Puerto Rico, noted that Yahoo Groups is a free service that has been instrumental in “increasing the visibility of Taino and other Caribbean Indigenous Peoples within and out of the region.”

“We continue to see our Taino News digest and individual articles forwarded on other networks all around the world” he said.

An extension of the Confederation’s news distribution network, the Taino News and Information Email List is located on the internet at
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Taino_News/ on the Yahoo network.

UCTPTN 10.21.2008

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