Miss Kalinago and Princess Natari 2008 Chosen in Dominica

Carib Territory, Dominica (UCTP Taino News) – 10 contestants competed for the Miss Kalinago and Princess Natari pageant crowns as part of “Carib Week” in September 2008. This year the annual pageant was held at the Karina Cultural Village in Bataca, Dominica and two of the contestants, Miss Juslyn Antoine and Miss Darylia Sanford, took home the coveted titles.

The contestants were required to demonstrate their talents, appear in traditional regalia, display craft items and in the case of Miss Kalinago, deliver a promotional speech. The Princess Natari contestants were not required to deliver speeches.

Leader of the Karina Cultural Group and coordinator of the pageant Miranda Langlais stated that contestants must be “dedicated” and “take pride” in the showcasing of their talent and culture.

Langlais, who is recognized by her people as a Kalingo Cultural Queen, also noted that “the very first Carib Queen pageant was organized by former Carib Chief Hillary Fredrick in 1996.”

A second pageant was held in 1998 and it has since become an annual event.

Carib Week is observed in commemoration of the Kalinago uprising that took place in Dominica on September 19, 1930.

In Photo: Carib Cultural Ambassadors Miss Kalinago Juslyn Antoine, 16 (left) and Princess Natari Darylis Sanford, 10 (Photo Credit: Wendy-Ann Duncan)

UCTPTN 10.21.2008

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Unknown said...

Congratulations to Ms Miranda Langlais, and the Kalinago Cultural Group, on the sucessful staging of this year's Miss Kalinago and Princess Natari Pageant.
Congratulations also to the winners Ms Juslyn Antoine, and Ms Darylia Sandford. You have made the Kalinago people proud.

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