Archaeologist says Guanches Came from South America

Despite much evidence to suggest that the origins of the guanches - the aboriginal inhabitants of the islands before the Spanish conquest - were in the Berber tribes of North Africa, archaeologist, Pablo Novoa, has discovered, during 30 years of study, similarities between indigenous cultures in the Caribbean and the Canary Islands.

In his book about the pre-colombian culture in the Canary Islands, "Los Araguaco-Tainos, una cultura precolombina en Canarias", published by Benchomo, Novoa has tried to demonstrate that contact existed between these cultures.

They could have done it and, there is the fact that the chronicles of Christopher Columbus, tell us that the indigenous populations of Central America has an ample knowledge of navigation. Novoa's theory is based on the analysis of more than 600 items repeated in various locations and, the existence of around 100 aboriginal words that have a similar meaning to those used today by Canary Islanders.

For those who speak Spanish and are also fascinated by this subject, the matter is discussed, at considerable length at El Foro de Canarias. It is an ever repeating theme, but as the first comment in that thread begins, "There is an awful lot unknown about the Guanche reality, very affected by myth." And it is true that most Canarians themselves, know little of their true history, free of myths and legends.

Un arqueólogo afirma que los guanches proceden de Sudamérica

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