Peace and Dignity Journeys 2012 Coming to a Close

 Peace and Dignity Runners on Route to Guatemala. Photo courtesy of Yari Sina Sierra.

Uaxactun, Guatemala (UCTP Taino News) - The Peace and Dignity Journeys, a continental spiritual run held every four years by Indigenous Peoples from throughout the Western Hemisphere will end today Uaxactun, in Guatemala. The run began May 1st, with two groups of runners beginning simultaneously in Chickaloon, Alaska and Tierra del Fuego, Argentina.  The runners traveled through various indigenous communities carrying sacred staffs representing the prayers of the communities they have passed through since the first run and beyond. Each Peace and Dignity Journeys is dedicated to a specific prayer with 2012 dedicated to water. 

Among the Indigenous Peoples participating in the 2012 Peace and Dignity Journeys, Caribbean Indigenous Peoples have been represented and will be present during the closing ceremonies. Following two local Caribbean runs, one in Kiskeia (Dominican Republic) and one in Boriken (Puerto Rico), two youth Taino youth representatives, Yari Sina Sierra and Wakanari Arawak, have continued on with the main contingent entering Guatemala today. Also participating in the closing ceremonies are Kasike Roman Guaraguarix Perez and Sherri Vigor of Yucayeque Maisiti and Bibi Vanessa Inarunikia Pastrano, found of the Bohio de Atabei Caribbean Indigenous Women’s Circle, and Council member of the United Confederation of Taino People. Pastrano was worked together with the Peace and Dignity Journeys since 2010 as a regional coordinator and contact for the Caribbean.  

The Peace and Dignity Journeys will culminate in various ceremonies over the next few days, officially ending on Dec. 4. 


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