Native Artist Robby Romero’s Music Single Enters Top Ten

UCTP Taino News - The new single from American Indian songwriter and performer Robby Romero, "Who's Gonna Save You," enters the top ten at #9 on the National Aboriginal Music Charts. The hit single is now is available on Romero’s new album release Painting The World.

"Painting The World" celebrates the historical adoption of the United Nations' "Declaration on The Rights of Indigenous Peoples", a declaration that underwent the longest period of debate and negotiation of any other international human rights instrument in United Nations history. The album features an impressive array of Indigenous artists from around the world and is intended to “bridge the gap between Indigenous Peoples, human rights, and the environment.”

Guest artists featured on Painting The World include Brian Majloa (Zulu), the Gwich’in Children’s Choir (Gwich'in), Yungchen Lhamo (Tibet), Soni Moreno (Mayan/Apache/Yagui), Sofi Jannok (Saami), the P. Town Boyz (Ojibwe), George Gray (Maori), Ataahua Papa (Maori), Sixto Masaquiza (Quichua), Cameron McCarthy (Kuku-Yalanji),and Roberto Mukaro Borrero (Boriken Taino).

More information on the album and Romero’s discography can be reviewed at

The release of Painting the World took place during the United Nations Permanent Forum On Indigenous Issues Cultural Event on Earth Day April 22 at United Nations Headquarters in New York City with a live performance by Romero accompanied by McCarthy and Borrero.

UCTPTN 11.05.2008

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