Miss Indian World Weds

UCTP Taino News – Violet John, Miss Indian World 2006/7 was wed on Friday 16, 2008 to Tony Duncan. Ms. John of the Taino and Cree Nations, and Mr. Duncan of the San Carlos Apache/Arikara/Hidatsa/Mandan Nations were married in New Mexico.

Violet John gained international attention as the first women of Taino heritage to win the coveted Miss Indian World title in 2006. Violet’s mother Rosa is a Taino from Cuba while her father Melvin is Cree from Canada. Duncan is a talented flute player who performs with the musical ensemble “Estun-Bah“, which means “For the Woman” in the Apache language. Duncan produces the group’s music whose latest CD called “Sounds of Beauty” blends traditional Apache cane flutes and northern plains wooden flutes with the acoustic guitar and violin.

Photo: Violet John (Credit: Aboriginal Youth Network)

UCTPTN 02.28.2008

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