Spanish university students set to explore Dominican Taino legacy

Tahina-Can Bancaja Expedition begins today

Santo Domingo.- 60 university students from Spain will arrive today Friday in the Dominican Republic to participate in the 3rd Tahina-Can Bancaja Expedition, for an 18 day tour of this Caribbean country, itinerary that includes adventure, cooperation and journalism.

The Tahina-Can Expedition is a project organized by the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the Bancaja Foundation, consisting in traveling to study in a Latin America country, where students of all disciplines and Spanish universities take part.

Within the trip’s framework, students receive conferences and workshops on the visited country and conduct different journalistic works. Each student receives 400 euros from Bancaja to finance his trip.

Under the title "Across the Land of the Tainos: The door to the new world," the Tahina-Can Expedition will tour the Dominican Republic, so the expeditionaries know the legacy of the Taino culture, study Columbus’ first voyages and experience this Caribbean country’s history.

*Source: Fundacion Global Democracia y Desarrollo (FUNGLODE). Iban Campo.

**Photo of Petroglyphs from Las Caritas, Lago Enriquillo, Dominican Republic

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