Air Jamaica joins Bacchanal 2K6

Press Release from Air Jamaica: Air Jamaica is once again a sponsor of Bacchanal Jamaica and is launching their costume The Spirit of the Tainos.

As the name suggests, the costume is inspired by the Taino Indians, who were among the island's original inhabitants.

The costume, which will be launched this Friday at the mas Camp on Oxford Road, is said to have various shades of oranges and reds reflecting the vibrancy and spirituality of the native people of the Greater Antilles, including Jamaica.

The native people of this region looked at the sun - which provided light and heat for crops and other vital purposes - as a sign of strength and nourishment. The Spirit of the Tainos costume is a true representation of this philosophy, with the detailed beading work and braiding. Bacchanal Jamaica 2006 costume range also includes Nights Over Egypt, sponsored by Digicel; Persians, sponsored by Peak; Atlantians, sponsored by Fame-FM; Macedonians, Sponsored by Appleton Jamaica Rum; and Azteca, sponsored by Tampico Juices.

All costumes will be on display at the Mas Camp, 1c Oxford Road, this Friday February 17, 2006 and every Friday thereafter until April 21, 2006.

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