Kasibahagua shares Taíno Culture in Massachusetts

Haverhill, MA (UCTP Taíno News) - The Kasibahagua Taíno Cultural Society shared two successful presentations at the 31st Annual Inter-Tribal Pow Wow hosted by the Massachusetts Center for Native American Awareness (MCNAA). The event took place September 7-8 at Plug Pond in Haverhill, Mass. The Pow Wow featured the songs and dances of Indigenous Peoples from throughout the Americas, as well as artisan vendors, food, an educational component, and canoe and kayak opportunities. 

An organizational member of the United Confederation of Taino People (UCTP), the Kasibahagua Taíno Cultural Society presented aspects of Taíno culture via dance and song, sharing stories and explanations of instruments and regalia. The group was lead by Kalichi'naru Lebron and featured an owl dance by Chali'naru Dones

In a related presentation, Claudia Fox Tree, M.Ed. (Yurumein Arawak), a board member of the MCNAA and a local Liaison Officer for the UCTP, led a featured educational component at the event.  Fox Tree held inter-active conversations both days for about 30 minutes with opportunities for Q & A after presentations that focused on inaccuracies and stereotypes about, as well as the contributions of Indigenous Peoples throughout history.  

UCTPTN 09/10/2019

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