Taino Ambassador in Cuba

Idalis Rojas, Taino, of Caridad de los Indios and Ambassador Miguel Sague, Taino
Baracoa, Kuba (UCTP Taino News) - The United Confederation of Taino People's ambassador to Cuba, Miguel Sobaoko Koromo Sague, visited the island from 11-17 June to meet with several local Taino community representatives. On a diplomatic mission for the Confederation in support of the 2016 Peace and Dignity Journeys, Sague meet with  Idalis Rojas a representative of the Caridad de los Indios community and daughter of Kasike (chief) Francisco Ramirez Rojas in the town of Baracoa and members of the organization "Grupo Kaweiro" in Havana. In 2014, Grupo Kaweiro became an allied treaty partner with the Confederation.

Ambassador Sague returned to the United States with a specially cut piece of wood for sacred "matuko" (staff) that will become a prayer staff eventually to join others staffs that will be held by runners during the Peace and Dignity run this year. The wood was blessed by the local Cuban Taino leaders. The Peace and Dignity Journeys are continental ceremonial runs that connect all participants to Indigenous  Communities rich in ancient wisdom and traditions.
UCTPTN 06.18.2016

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