Open Letter to the Taino Community

To Roberto Borrero, Members of the UCTP and the Greater Taino Community,

On behalf of Raindrop Games, I am writing this letter to answer some of the more common questions about the Taino-themed video games we are building.

"Why do you want to make games about the Taino people?"

Our goal is to use video games to help create a better world. We believe one of the best solutions to the world's problems is to inspire people to be better. We specifically chose the Taino as an historical exemplification of this spirit, having persevered and survived a cultural clash that brought them close to
extinction. We hope that by educating people about who the Taino are will help provide a more accurate glimpse into their history. We believe when people understand a culture that is foreign to them, it expands their empathy and provides a deeper insight into humanity's broader issues.

"Why make a video game? Why not a movie or book? Wouldn't a video game trivialize the subject matter?"

Games have one strength that no other entertainment medium has, they are interactive. Interactivity allows the player to become more involved in the  story as an active participant. What happens to the main character in a story happens directly to the player. In the long run, our plan is to use this unique property of games to create deeper emotional experiences for players. Video games are an upcoming medium with vast potential and we are doing our part to create games used for good.

"Arrival: Village Kasike" gives the player some exposure to the Taino culture before the arrival of Europeans. The player is put in charge of building a village while dealing with threats such as hurricanes, etc. Players will engage in traditional farming and fishing techniques as they provide for their village while informative texts share aspects of historical Taino life. Through the narrative of Naniki, the player can experience the connection between a Village Kasike and her people.

For over four years we have had the great pleasure of working with Roberto Borrero, President of the UCTP, to create video games about the Taino. Roberto's knowledge and insights have made it possible for us to complete our first Taino-themed game. The whole team is grateful for his help and willingness to
see the large potential good of this project.

If any members of the community have any questions or concerns about what we are doing, please feel free to reach out to me via our web site (http://www.arrivalgame.com/content/contact.htm).

Josh Samuels
Project Lead on the Arrival Video Game Series
Founder and CEO of Raindrop Games, Inc

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