A Full Moon By Any Other Name

UCTP Taino News - Tonight’s full moon will rise in the southeastern sky in the constellation Capricornus and be visible all night long.

Known by many names, some recognize July’s full moon as the ‘Full Hay Moon’ because it's around this time that farmers harvest, bale and stow hay for the winter.

Northeastern Algonquian peoples call this moon the ‘Full Buck Moon’ as it corresponds to the time when male deer grow new antlers. This moon is also called the 'Thunder Moon' as thunderstorms are common during this time.

For some Taino people, tonight’s full moon offers an opportunity to connect spiritually with the universe and the ancestors. Many Taino women view the full moon as a special time for ceremony individually or collectively.

On the occasion of this full moon one Taino Bibi (Mother/Grandmother), Mildred Karaira Gandia Reyes shared these thoughts “May grandmother Maroia (Moon) always shine upon our spirit, fill our hearts with happiness, love, and guidance in respect and honor of the true Taino way.”

UCTPTN 07.15.2011

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