New York Peace and Dignity Run

Flushing, Queens (UCTP Taino News) - This Earth Day weekend, a spiritual run will take place in Flushing Meadow Park on Sunday, April 24th. An Indigenous Peoples initiative, the New York Peace and Dignity Run is being held in honor of Mother Earth and in preparation for the upcoming continental Peace and Dignity Journey beginning in May of 2012.

Organized by Raphael Landron and Vanessa Inarunikia Pastrana, the day will begin with a sunrise ceremony at the Unisphere (large globe) at 6am -7:30am. Miguel Sague, a Siboney Taino from Cuba will lead the opening ceremony and blessing of the sacred staffs the runners will carrying. Native Elders and community leaders are invited to share words and blessings during the opening ceremony.

Following the sunrise ceremony at 8am, a community walk led by elders and community leaders will begin to the lake. At 9am, designated runners will then run the sacred community staffs for approximately 6 miles around the lake.

Mexica (Aztec) dance and native drumming will close the run beginning at 12noon. Organizers are requesting that persons interested in supporting the run, please bring food to share for a communal meal. This is an alcohol, drug, and weapon free event.

For more information contact Raphael Landron at 646-730-5940 or visit http://boriken2010peaceanddignityjourney.blogspot.com/ .

UCTPTN 04.19.2011

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