Jamaicans Remember their Ancestors

Irish Town, Jamaica (UCTP Taino News) - In May 2007 the first official “Taino Day” was observed in Jamaica, however some Jamaicans would like to see more than a cursory nod given to the nation’s indigenous ancestors. Carol Miller a resident of Irish Town, St. Andrew hopes to facilitate the beginning of such a dialog this Saturday with a series of talks she is organizing on culture issues. The dialog series is entitled “Saturday Soup” and the first topic will address Jamaica’s “near forgotten ancestors” the Taino People.

Miller states that “in any given year our ancestral celebrations begin with the Accompong Maroons on January 6th, a day that celebrates the signing of the peace treaty with the British by Maroon leader Cudjoe. The celebration goes all day with never a mention of those who paved the way for the African maroons to take to the hills - the Tainos.”

She continues noting that “There is never discourse on the meeting of the two and the resulting integration of food, families and language.”

The Saturday Soup talks are open and will feature special topics and guests. Interested persons can contact the organizers at afuafofie@hotmail.com.

The United Confederation of Taino People's Office of International Relations and Regional Coordination (UCTP-OIRRC) has commended the initiative. "We need to support our relatives in Jamaica - this is one of our traditional homelands" stated UCTP representative Roberto Borrero. "We will do what we can to assist the organizers in the spirit of our ancestors."

Miller hopes that these discussions will help people make "historic, cultural, and spiritual connections” and that future national celebrations will do more to highlight the first Jamaicans.

UCTPTN 01.28.2010

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Yvonne McCalla Sobers said...

I live in Jamaica, and am interested in being part of "Saturday Soup" with Carol Miller. Any contact information will be helpful, especially as I am featuring a Taino creation story on my blog.