Taino celebrate Equinox and International Day of Peace in the Bronx

Bronx, NY (UCTP Taino News) – Taino People gathered in the South Bronx on Sunday, Sept. 21, 2008 in recognition of the Autumnal Equinox and the International Day of Peace. Organized by the Cacibajagua Taino Cultural Society, Bohio Attabei Women's Circle, and Iukaieke Guainia in collaboration with Friends of Brook Park the gathering included ceremonies, songs, music, food, and discussion. Along with representatives of the host organizations, also in attendance throughout the day were members of Casa Atabex Ache, and hip hop poetry duo “Taino Survivalists.” A focus on the protest campaign against a proposed Columbus monument in Boriken (Puerto Rico) was featured among the various discussions taking place. The plans to erect the Columbus statue are being initiated by the Mayor of Mayaguez, Puerto Rico and The Holland Group Inc. The establishment of an international, inter-tribal coalition against the statue was announced. Follow-up on the campaign will be coordinated by the United Confederation of Taino People.

UCTPTN 09.22.2008

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