Caribs observe 103rd Anniversary

The Carib people are, this month, celebrating the 103rd Anniversary of the founding of the territory, established in 1903. Chief Charles Williams said, efforts are being made to have a network in place highlighting the significance of the event in the lives of the Kalinago people. Speaking to our North Correspondent, the Chief declared, "Today we observe the 103rd Anniversary since the declaration of the then Carib Reserve; as we name it today, 'Kalinago people'. It is believed that the Kalinago people have been living on the island for well over 3000 years BC, and today our brethren can be traced in every country in the Caribbean and for that reason we are proud of this reality, which we are all happy to celebrate."

The Carib Council has drawn up an interesting programme to celebrate the event, described by Chief Williams as a bold move to heighten greater awareness among the people. Among the activities will be a visit by the Kalinago people of the territory to all the communities where Caribs still live. The aim, said Williams, is to foster and maintain the solid relationship that exists among the Kalinago people living in different parts of the island. "So during the course of this month we'll be paying courtesy calls on our brothers and sisters in Petite Soufriere and surrounding hamlets: then to Petite Savanne, Fond St. Jean, Point Carib and Bagatelle, along to Vieille Case, Penville and Capuchin, where this exercise will end," said the Chief.

The history of the Carib Territory and the way forward for its future development will be the subject of discussion at a symposium facilitated by local historian, Dr. Lennox Honychurch, later this month. Young people are particularly exhorted to attend this event.

Source: http://www.news-dominica.com/chronstory.cfm?Id=4128

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